Saturday, June 20, 2009

WINTER fun hits Room 17

On Friday the kids came to school in mufti - wearing a scarf and a beanie. It was fun! Enjoy our photos and check out some of our ideas below.......

Here are some interesting ways to use a scarf.....
• As a slingshot – B.W
• For a limbo stick – K.H
• As a lassoo – S.M
• For the high jump bar – B.T
• As a tug of war rope – C.L
• For a sling when you break your arm! –D.W

You might need to know that a beanie is also good for........
• A basket – S.H
• As a baseball mit – B.W
• To collect money in – C.C
• As a peg holder – B.T
• As a Frisbee – D.L
• For a plate – K.H