Saturday, June 20, 2009

WINTER fun hits Room 17

On Friday the kids came to school in mufti - wearing a scarf and a beanie. It was fun! Enjoy our photos and check out some of our ideas below.......

Here are some interesting ways to use a scarf.....
• As a slingshot – B.W
• For a limbo stick – K.H
• As a lassoo – S.M
• For the high jump bar – B.T
• As a tug of war rope – C.L
• For a sling when you break your arm! –D.W

You might need to know that a beanie is also good for........
• A basket – S.H
• As a baseball mit – B.W
• To collect money in – C.C
• As a peg holder – B.T
• As a Frisbee – D.L
• For a plate – K.H


  1. Hi Room 17!
    I think your blog is and your teacher are very talented!
    Helen..your latest post is very cool...are the templates off scrapblog or somewhere different? (want to borrow them!) I see you went home after the workshop and got busy!!

  2. Hi Room 17! I love your blog - I think you and your teacher must be very talented!
    Helen, I love the post you have put in today (did you go home and get busy after the workshop?) Where did you get the templates from? (I want to steal them!!)
    I am now following your blog...come and join ours too!

  3. Wow! This all looks fantastic you are clever writers, Room 17. Some of your ideas are very funny. I like the suggestion of making a scarf a slingshot and a limbo stick! Very practical to use it to make a sling but I'm not too sure about the plate! I think you'd have to be really careful what you put in it. Some yummy popcorn maybe? Keep up the excellent work, I will come and visit again soon to see what you've been up to. Ms F Room 8

  4. Dear room 17

    I really like the fuzzy boots they look very snug and warm. I also like the really cool ideas for what you can use a scarf and beanie for. They are very creative!!!

    From O.K!!!

  5. I really love the pink beanie and the blue, green & purple ear muffs!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i love KS's boots. they look very soft. i think those ideas are very creative.

    im from
    KS probably knows me
    i am US

  7. The boots are really cool


  8. Hay room 17.

    Those colurful boots look very snug.
    Those ideas that you came up with were very cool.

    From SH