Saturday, August 8, 2009


last Tuesday our school Enviro group visited Kings Plant Barn. We are taking place in the 'vege garden for schools' project.This means that we have our own vege garden at Kings. We planted our veges last week - a mixture of brocoli, strawberries and a beanstalk smack bang in the middle of our garden! We didn't plant cabbage because none of use like cabbage very much. Do you have a vege garden? what are your favourite types of veges? Watch this space for more enviro news. S.M & B.T


  1. What a fantastic idea! I can't wait to go into Kings Plant Barn to see your vege garden. I love broccoli and strawberries but am not so fussed on beans. How will you keep the beanstalk straight as it grows taller?

  2. That sounds really exciting. I wonder how often you will go back to weed and talke care of your plants?
    I just love strawberries! I hope that you grow heaps so that you can bring me one to try!!
    MrsB Rm14

  3. Jack says .............
    I really enjoyed the clock making day and my clock is hanging in my room